Brunswick Melee Jab Carbon - 15 lbs
Melee Jab Carbon - 15 lbs €219,95 €224,95

Melee Jab Carbon - 15 lbs

€224,95 €219,95
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Long live the Melee line from Brunswick! Meet Melee Jab Carbon...

The Melee line by Brunswick Bowling is back with this new release: Melee Jab Carbon. Inside, the iconic Melee symmetric core provides that clean, consistent reaction that you know is reliable and consistent.

Wrapped in a newly formulated coverstock, A.X.H. Pearl, (Activator Xtreme Hook) and finished at 500/1000/1500 Siaair with Crown Factory Compound, you can anticipate length with a snappy backend finish.
Here's what Brunswick has to say about Melee Jab Carbon:
Brunswick knows and understands tradition better than any brand in bowling, and it's become a tradition over the last few bowling seasons to release a new Melee Jab. The Melee Jab line has traditionally been a go-to for bowlers wanting a clean and responsive Brunswick ball, and this season we are excited to introduce the Melee Jab Carbon. The Melee Jab Carbon uses a cover new to the line, Activator Xtreme Hook Pearl, most recently found on the Zenith line of balls, to update the line and stay on the cutting edge of shiny ball performance. Brunswick fans turn to this line of balls for performance on medium conditions when a strong but predictable shiny ball is needed, and the Melee Jab Carbon will soon be a favorite for those players.


The Melee Jab Carbon provides a lot of value in its versatility, being very useful at its box finish and responding nicely to surface changes when needed for the best matchup with an individual bowler's style. It bridges the gap between stronger and weaker offerings, making it a solid option in the middle of a bowler's bag.


The Melee Jab Carbon does a lot of things well, without necessarily being totally dominant on any particular type of condition. This is not really a negative, though, as the ball sits in a perfect spot in the current Brunswick lineup.

Overall Summary

The Melee Jab Carbon is the newest incarnation of the Melee Jab, with enough versatility that almost any bowler would find a use for it on a variety of conditions. It is a great option that would fit in the middle of any bowler's bag.


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Power Scale: 220.1
Factory Finish: 500/1000/1500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound
Finish: Polished
Coverstock: Pearl Reactive
Coverstock Name: A.X.H. Pearl
Differential (15lbs): 0.050
Flare Potential:
Kern Typ: Symmetric
Core Name: Melee
RG (15lbs): 2.487
Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy
Mass Bias Diff (15lbs):
Breakpoint Shape: Length w/Strong Backend
Leistung: High Performance
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 19/08/2022
Ball Warranty: 2 Year
Drehmoment (1-10): 7.7
Länge (1-25): 15.3
Backend (1-20): 17.7
Total Hook (1-100): 57.5
Brunswick Melee Jab Carbon - 15 lbs
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