Payment Methods

iDEAL is a payment method that allows the Netherlands to pay directly online through the online payment of the largest Dutch banks. iDEAL pay in recent years has gained considerable ground in the field of online checkout. The Netherlands has now more than 13,000 merchants who pay with iDEAL as payment. In 2010, 54% of people who buy products and services online prefer to pay with iDEAL. Consumers cite as the main reasons for choosing iDEAL payment, it's easy, fast and secure.

SOFORT Banking E-commerce is an easy to use, direct payment procedure with the high safety standards of online banking. It is regularly tested for the protection of personal data. SOFORT Banking is the only European payment that bank is independent and the consumer to the bank environment leads to payment. The consumer does not need to register, no charge between account and not be in possession of a credit card.

Make payment with Bancontact / Mister Cash possible: The Belgian e-commerce market is growing significantly. Bancontact / Mister Cash is a payment method that allows you to pay online in Belgium via the online payment of the largest Belgian banks. Offering Bancontact / Mister Cash in your shop is the ideal way to reach the Belgian market. The logo of Bancontact / Mister Cash is well established, it is common to every Belgian debit card. Consumers can with Bancontact / Mister Cash payment from your shop directly online through their own trusted and secure banking environment.

(2% payment costs)
With about 1.7 billion cardholders and multiples thereof to transactions VISA far the largest credit card issuer in the world. Together with MasterCard VISA is good for the astronomical number of 62 billion transactions per year. Or: 1971 VISA and MasterCard transactions per second! Also on the Internet is the most widely used credit cards VISA. With over 2 million VISA credit card holders in the Netherlands is also very well represented. Would you miss a turnover than is accepting Visa (MasterCard) on your website an attractive option.

(2% payment costs)
Maestro, owned by credit card giant MasterCard is a debit card service, and enjoys
widespread use on an international level. Maestro processes payments and sacrifices affiliated banks a protocol for using Their banking cards.

The manner-in-which-line payments are executed Varies from one bench to the other since Consumers are always re-directed to their Own Bank's online environment. The Maestro card is linked to the consumer's banking account, and sufficient is a balance in the account is always required to allow payments to be processed. Maestro HAS an Enormous reach: there are more than 540 million cardholders in over 100 countries. Online payments using the card are facilitated Entirely by MasterCard, and must satisfy strict security requirements.

(2% payment costs)
With no less than 959 million cardholders worldwide, MasterCard Worldwide, the second largest credit card provider in the world. Only VISA is still sticking up out here. MasterCard in your webshop you can reach so many potential customers worldwide. In the Netherlands, with 4.2 million MasterCard MasterCard holders the largest cerditcardaanbieder. By enabling online payments with credit cards VISA and MasterCard both, you can reach the world most of all credit card holders.

(3.5% payment costs)
PayPal is an online payment service that is gaining popularity rapidly in the Netherlands and internationally used by millions of people for online transactions between individuals and companies. Recently we have also PayPal payments via mobile telephone. To pay only need an email address. In 2010, PayPal earned a total transaction volume of 92 billion dollars and also makes the Netherlands PayPal, with 2.4 million account holders, an explosive growth. In the Netherlands, one a PayPal account in four online shoppers and you already pay 36% of the Dutch webshops with PayPal.

Payment by bank transfer (wire transfer) represents worldwide payment convenience. Besides the various credit cards called bank transfer is the means of settling international payments. Also in the Netherlands is an important way to pay online products ordered. The bank transfer is a payment method that does not happen automatically. Because (yet) not everyone has internet banking (and not on iDEAL) and because some people like to decide when and how they pay, is offering this payment a solution.

Bank Name: ING Bank
Account Holder: PR-Digital
Account number: 05340692
IBAN: NL19INGB0005340692



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